I inherited Cassie from my mum years ago - guess I kind of just took her one day, as she had been shoved in a cupboard for years, and was wearing no shoes, no knickers, no top, just a rather chunky, unattractive knitted pink skirt and braces, and even though the smile (obviously) remained intact, looked somewhat chipped and neglected! I felt a bit sorry for her. She was my mum's first doll, and sported hair ‘back in the day’, but like a well loved grandad, I'd only ever know Cassie as a baldie! But the broad metal staples that held three strategically placed tufts of hair remain in her head - another reason to feel for her!

My Mum passed away a few years back, so Cassie's presence in my home has taken on even more significance. I like to move her around a bit, so that I never quite take her for granted! Although most visitors think she's rather creepy, to me she's always just my Mum’s Cassie, and I think she looks really rather magnificent in all her naked, ebony glory, albeit a bit chipped!

Suzanne Stankus
Creative Director/ Stylist