Mamiya C33 Professional camera

I think of myself as being pretty unsentimental about objects of the past. However, old cameras are an exception. When I was in my mid-teens and very interested in photography, my father helped me to buy a second-hand Mamiyaflex camera. At the time, the cool buy would have been a Rolleiflex twin-lens, but that wouldn’t have given me a camera with bellows and the word ‘Professional’ inscribed on the front of the body.

The bellows were important because they gave me a link with the past and big-format photography. I also regarded the huge weight of the Mamiyaflex as an asset: the owner of such a monster would have to be more than an amateur to be prepared to lug it around the streets.

Today, the Mamiya C33 Professional sits as an ornament in our bedroom, looking across at our bed. Some might think that a bit kinky, but for me it reminds me of my father and a celluloid past which has almost disappeared.

Neil Hedges
Founder, Fishburn Hedges, the public relations group